A wide variety of different gases are used in industrial applications, which necessitates the transportation of large volumes of gas, which is mainly done via pipelines and tanker trunks. Whenever gas is transported, there is a risk of ambient air ingress which can contaminate pure gases such as N2 or dilute pure oxygen leading to a sub-par product. The ability to check for impurities at all stages of gas transport ensures the final product delivered is pure and high quality.

We have a variety of gas analyzers for all stages of gas transport. For online analyzers there are the OMD-507 and OMD-150, which are small enough to be mounted on trucks and can measure either ppm and low percent or high percentage levels. We also have the portable OMD-480 percent analyzer and OMD-580 trace analyzer that can be used to spot-check gas cylinders and are rugged enough to survive being transported in trucks.

For higher purity gases there is also the portable OMD-640 that can measure down to 0-1 ppm O2 levels, and the OMD-740 which can measure high purity suppressed ranges to achieve accuracy of up to 0.01% at the 90-100% suppressed range to spot-check high purity oxygen or inert gases. Finally, end users can also employ oxygen analyzers to qualify gas cylinders themselves upon receipt.