OEM Oxygen Transmitter – Kit, Circuit Board, Sensor, Sensor Housing




The EMD-485D/485M/482D oxygen transmitter is designed primarily for OEM users who are looking to integrate this unit into a larger system such as an Inert Glovebox System or Nitrogen / Oxygen generator.  This unit is also popular among universities due to its low cost and ease of use.

The OEM platform is configurable for Trace, Percent or Purity applications and comes with a variety of sensor, sensor housing options and electronics options.  The enclosure is designed for indoor installations.

The analyzer comes factory selected to one of the following ranges: 0 – 10 ppm, 0 – 100 ppm, 0 – 1000 ppm, 0 – 1 %, 0 – 5%, 0 – 10%, 0 – 25%, 0 – 100%.  A second range is loaded via toggle switch to allow for ambient air calibration.

The oxygen sensor is based on the galvanic electrochemical fuel cell principal and is manufactured in house under a strict quality procedure.  The sensors are self contained and minimal maintenance is required – no need to clean electrodes or add electrolyte.  The precision sensors offer excellent performance, accuracy and stability while maximizing the expected life.

The unit can be configured for 2-wire loop applications (12 – 24V DC Loop), 6-wire applications (12 – 24V DC Input, 4 – 20mA, 0 – 1V DC and 0 – 10V DC output) or MODBUS ASCII.

Optional remote Sensor Housings include KF-40 (inert glove box) and Flow through (6 mm, 1/8″ or 1/4″ compression tube fittings); sensor housings come standard with a 6 foot cable.

Product Documentation

Product Documentation

EMD-485 6-wire Specification Sheet (PDF Download)

EMD-485M MODBUS Specification Sheet (PDF Download)

EMD-482 2-wire Specification Sheet (PDF Download)