Oxygen Purity Analyzers

Southland Sensing Ltd. produces and packages a range of oxygen purity analyzers for measuring elevated levels of oxygen (Typically 21% – 100%). SSO2 analyzers are outfitted with a comprehensive electronics package including color displays, USB flash drives and other advanced features.

Most analyzers and sensors are in stock for fast shipment. For pricing and availability, and special configurations please contact your customer service representative.

19″ Rack Mount Online Oxygen Purity Analyzer, CE
The OMD-775 is designed to measure elevated oxygen (21% – 100%) offering a variety of suppressed ranges. The unit combines an advanced set of electronic features with our industry leading precision electrochemical oxygen sensor technology. The result is a highly reliable and cost effective alternative to paramagnetic oxygen analyzers.
Portable Oxygen Purity Analyzer, CE
The OMD-351-O2 online oxygen monitor combines a rugged CE marked wall mount design with SSO2’s precision oxygen sensor technology. The unit is designed to safely measure breathing air oxygen in confined spaces. The unit comes with a 0 – 30% oxygen concentration full scale measurement range.