Panel Mount Oxygen Analyzer 1/4 DIN Remote Sensor Housing




The OMD-501X series oxygen analyzer is a small, compact 1/4 DIN panel mount unit with a remote sensor housing. Designed for general purpose type installations such as Inert Glovebox systems and O2 / N2 generators.

The electronics are highly reliable and feature-packed with a very easy-to-use menu interface. Electronic features include 4 – 20mA analog output, RANGE ID 1 – 5VDC output, 2 alarm relay contacts, bi-directional Modbus RS485 ASCII communication protocol, multiple analysis ranges, and a 10 – 28 VDC or 100 – 240 VAC power input.

The oxygen sensor is based on the galvanic electrochemical fuel cell principal and is manufactured in house under a strict quality procedure. The sensors are self contained and minimal maintenance is required – no need to clean electrodes or add electrolyte. The precision sensors offer excellent performance, accuracy and stability while maximizing the expected life.

The analyzer comes with multiple ranges from 0 – 10 PPM up to 0 – 100%. Optional sensors can be configured for PPM or Percent oxygen analysis, sensors designed for Inert or CO2 background gases applications are also available.

Sensor housing is remote and includes a 6 foot cable.  Optional sensor housings include direct fit KF-40 (inert glove box) or flow through housing (6 mm, 1/8″ or 1/4″ compression tube fittings).

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