19″ Rack Mount Online Trace Oxygen Analyzer 0 – 1 ppm, CE




The OMD-675 is designed to measure trace oxygen in the sub 1 ppm region. The unit combines an advanced set of electronic features with our, industry leading, precision electrochemical oxygen sensor technology. The result is a highly reliable and cost effective design with easy-to-use user interface.

The analyzer comes with a 0 – 1 PPM full scale low range with a resolution of 0.001 ppm. The analyzer can also be configured for 0 – 1 ppm, 0 – 10ppm, 0 – 100ppm, 0 – 1000ppm and 0 – 25% in auto-range or manual-range mode.  Standard packaging consists of a 19″ Rack mount design with 100 – 240VAC Input Power.  Analog outputs are made via isolated 4 – 20mA, 0 – 10V DC and 0 – 1V DC.

The analyzer offers the user 2 different digital communication options, both of which are bi-directional. This comes in the form of MODBUS RS485 ASCII or RS232.

Alarm functionality comes in the way of 2 fully adjustable form C non-latching relay contacts. These can be configured as NO or NC and can be set as HIGH or LOW with optional delay mode. A power failure alarm is also standard and comes as a form C nonlatching relay contact.

The oxygen sensor used in the OMD-675 is based on the galvanic electrochemical fuel cell principal. All oxygen sensors are manufactured in house by Southland Sensing Ltd. under a strict quality program.

The standard cell (TO2-133T) is unaffected by other background gases such as H2, He, or Hydrocarbons. The optional acidic cell (TO2-233T) works well when acid gases such as CO2 or Natural Gas are present.

The sensors are self-contained and minimal maintenance is required – no need to clean electrodes or add electrolyte.

Product Documentation

Product Documentation

OMD-675 Specification Sheet (PDF Download)