Trace Oxygen Analyzer for Measuring PPM Oxygen in N2 Generators

Southland Sensing Ltd., a US based manufacturer of analytical sensors and instrumentation, today announced the release of its OMD-501D Trace Oxygen Analyzer for measuring parts-per-million (PPM) O2 in inert gas N2 generators and PSA nitrogen generators.

The new analyzer comes with an upgraded circuit design to improve accuracy, reliability and performance while integrating a large user friendly color display interface. The compact 1/4 DIN panel mount package represents superior performance in a small footprint capable of measuring oxygen from 0.1ppm to 25%.

The OMD-501D is linear over all 5 of its ranges which include 0 – 10ppm, 0 – 100ppm, 0 – 1000ppm, 0 – 1% and 0 – 25%. The analyzer can be configured in manual range or auto-range mode. The auto-range mode has a 1 – 5 VDC range ID analog output (optional 4 – 20mA Range ID is available). The analyser is powered by 12-24 VDC or its optional 100 – 240VAC.

The transmitter also features 2 fully adjustable NO or NC alarm relay contacts with built in delay mode and an analog 4 – 20mA output. The sensor housing is configured with flow through Swagelok® 1/8” compression fittings making this unit an ideal solution for inert gas purification applications.

For additional information regarding the Southland Sensing Ltd’s new trace oxygen analyzer, or optional accessories such as NEMA4X and IP66 enclosures, integral flow sample systems with bypass valves, please contact your local customer service representative.