Southland Sensings Launches OMD-501 Trace Oxygen Analyzer

Southland Sensing Ltd., is pleased to announce the release of the OMD-501 trace oxygen analyer. This new analyzer combines the precision fuel cell technologies of our TO2-1x and TO2-2x oxygen sensors with a full features multi-range analyzer platform. The compact 1/4 DIN panel mount package represents superior performance in a small compact package capable of measuring 1ppm O2 up to 21%.

The OMD-501 is linear over all 5 of its ranges which can be configured in manual range or auto-range.  Signal output of 4 – 20mA full scale is coupled with a 1 – 5VDC Range ID.  The unit also features 2 fully adjustable NO or NC alarm relay contacts with build in delay mode.

For additional information regarding the Southland Sensing Ltd’s new trace oxygen analyzer, please contact your local customer service representative.