OMD-507 Compact, In-line Oxygen Transmitter

Southland Sensing Ltd. is pleased to introduce the new OMD-507 CE Marked microprocessor based oxygen transmitter configurable for Trace (PPM), Percent (%) and Purity applications.

The new oxygen transmitter can be factory configured for a variety of installation considerations including multiple electronic, sensor and gas connection options making it user friendly for global installations.

Four factory configurable electronic selections are available which include 2-Wire Loop, 6-Wire, Intrinsically Safe with Zener Barriers and a “SMART” Hart Protocol. Power requirements are 12 – 24V DC, analog outputs consisting of a 4 – 20mA and / or 0 – 10V DC along with an optional digital Hart Protocol. The user friendly electronics comes with a large backlit display and menu driven keypad making it easy to perform periodic span and zero calibrations.

The flow through sensor housing portion of the device is designed for positive flow installations from 0.2 – 5 SCFH. The flow through housing comes standard with 1/8″ Swagelok tube fittings but can be fitting with 1/4″ and 6mm Swagelok tube fittings. This unit is ideal for economical industrial or OEM installations where space is tight and additional features are not needed.

When specifying your oxygen measurement system, don’t forget to select Southland Sensing’s precision O2 sensors, which are manufactured in house under a strict quality system. The Galvanic Fuel Cell sensors are self-contained with minimal maintenance requirements. The sensors are designed for your standard gases such as Nitrogen, Helium, Hydrogen as well as your acidic gases such as CO2 and Natural Gas. Sensors can be selected for Trace, Percent and Purity analysis ranges.

Typical installations will include 3D Printing Systems, Inert Gloveboxes, Membrane Generators, Steel and other Metals Processing, Reflow Soldering, Furnaces and many other industrial applications.

For more information, contact your sales associate.