Economical Portable Oxygen Analyzer – Color Display and Removable USB Flash Drive

Southland Sensing is pleased to introduce the NEW OMD-580 series microprocessor based portable oxygen analyzer with three configurations include Trace (PPM) Oxygen Analyzers, Percent Oxygen Analysis and Purity Oxygen analysis with ranges from 0 – 10ppm through 0 – 100%.

The new oxygen analyzer comes with a large color display and user friendly menu interface along with a removable USB flash drive for data-logging, The unit is powered by a rechargeable Ni-Cad battery which can be charged from a 100 – 240V AC Adapter. International adapters are included with the base unit. The analyzer can function as a portable unit, or you can simply plug in the AC adapter and run it in an online 24/7 environment. Along with the USB data logging feature, the unit also offers an analog 0 – 1V DC output.

The unit can run in auto-range or manual range mode. Gas connections are made via Swagelok Quick Disconnect 1/8″ connections with an inlet pressure of 0 – 50psig.

When specifying your oxygen measurement system, don’t forget to include Southland Sensing’s precision O2 sensors. The TO2-1x PPM oxygen sensor is a robust solution to monitor trace levels of oxygen in most gas streams. The TO2-2x PPM oxygen sensor is ideal when CO2 is present.

Typical installations will include glove box or pipeline leak detection, spot checking of air separation or N2 skids. Beverage grade CO2 monitoring, inert gas welding as well as others.

For more information, contact your sales associate.