Many industrial applications require inert gas, which can often be generated on-site for convenience and to save money. Inert gas blanketing is an example of a very broadly used process, where a bed of a gas such as nitrogen is flowed over a process to prevent oxidation or for safety in industries varying from pharmaceutical to food and beverage to reflow soldering PCBs for electronics. Nitrogen and Argon can be separated and concentrated from ambient air using a pressure swing adsorption (PSA) or membrane generator in packages small enough to fit on a forklift skid, all the way up to much larger plants where the sole purpose is to create purified gas. Carbon dioxide is another commonly used inert gas, and can be separated from the waste gas of other industrial processes.

Being able to measure oxygen in the gases being generated is important to ensure the product is free from defects and that the generation system is leak-tight. We offer state-of-the-art, reliable electrochemical sensors that can measure down to parts-per-million or low percent oxygen, and our analyzers range from the rack mount OMD-675, to the portable OMD-640, to the compact OMD-507 to fit all stages of gas generation.

Ambient air monitoring is also very important when bulk amounts of gas are present, as many inert gases are completely undetectable by humans and can quickly fill an area and create an asphyxiation hazard. The OMD-351-O2 features a real-time oxygen concentration display, an audible alarm, two configurable non-latching form C alarm contacts, visual LED alarms, and an integrated battery backup to ensure safety even in the event of a power failure.