Double or triple pane windows are often filled with an inert gas between the panes to reduce the heat transfer through the window to keep buildings warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. This is important as heat loss through windows accounts for up to half of a home’s heating and cooling needs. The gases most often used for window gas fills are argon and krypton.

Argon is fairly abundant (making up almost 1% of breathable air) and is roughly 2/3 as thermally conductive as ambient air. Krypton offers even better thermal properties but is less common and therefore more expensive to produce. The ability to measure the amount of air in the gas mix is important for determining that the gas you’re using is suitably pure and will have the desired thermal properties.

For checking O2 levels in the gases before filling the windows the OMD-480 portable percent analyzer provides a rugged and portable package for easy spot-checking gas cylinders to ensure that the gas you’re receiving is up to the standard you require. Gas analyzers are also used in the production of bulk industrial gases such as argon or krypton.