Industrial Oxygen Analyzers

Southland Sensing has been providing a wide range of oxygen measurement solutions for industrial customers and universities worldwide. A diverse offering includes online oxygen analyzers, transmitters and portable configurations for trace, percent and purity applications.

Industrial H2S Analyzers

Southland Sensing provides a range of Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) measurement solutions for industrial customers, primarily the natural gas industry. A diverse offering includes online H2S analyzers, transmitters and portable configurations for measurements up to 2000 PPM.


Industrial Oxygen Sensors

Southland Sensing offers a complete line of precision electrochemical fuel cell oxygen sensors ideal for measuring ppm (trace), percent, and purity applications. A large selection of industrial O2 sensors take advantage of a proven design to maximize the performance, life and gas compatibility through reliable and innovative engineering and design.

OEM Sensor & Electronic Solutions

Southland Sensing manufactures and packages a wide range of sensors and electronics for OEM’s around the world. Our engineers work in partnership with OEM’s and other customers from the initial design stage through post-production to ensure customer satisfaction through all phases of product development.