Hyperbaric oxygen therapy involves a placing a patient in a chamber with elevated pressure and delivering high purity oxygen to them via a mask or hood. The high pressure in the chambers allows the body to absorb more oxygen, which is assisted by the extra O2 the patient breathes, and stimulates healing in damaged tissues. Hyperbaric chambers are widely used to treat decompression sickness which may result from scuba diving, as well as bubbles of air in blood vessels, and wounds that may not heal well on their own due to diabetes or damage from radiation.

Being able to measure the purity of oxygen levels being delivered to the patient is important to ensure that the gas being used in the process is suitably pure and that the patient inside is getting the best possible treatment. The portable OMD-480 can be used to spot-check oxygen cylinder, and the OMD-775 can be used to monitor the high purity O2 levels in large cryogenic oxygen tanks.

It is also often useful to generate the oxygen needed for medical purposes on-site, using a pressure swing adsorption generator or something similar, and oxygen measurement is required to ensure that the gas is the correct purity level and there are no leaks in the system letting ambient air contaminate the gas. Our analyzers range from the 19” rack mount and OMD-775 to the compact OMD-507 to fit all stages of gas generation and all sizes of gas generators.