Production of many chemicals is typically done by mixing components in a reactor, which can range from small, tabletop glass labware all the way to large, industrial sized vessels with mixers. Many components such as organic solvents or final products can be explosive or flammable, and to prevent danger during manufacture or storage the contents will be covered with a blanket of inert nitrogen. This nitrogen ensures that the minimum oxygen concentration  required for combustion of whatever vapors may be present is not reached for safety reasons.

Creating a nitrogen blanket can be done by continuously feeding nitrogen into the headspace of the vessels, however being able to measure O2 levels to determine if the vessel needs more gas can save nitrogen, which would lower costs. Using an analyzer along with a PLC or DCS system allows the flow of N2 to be shut off when the atmosphere reaches a safe oxygen level.

The OMD-150 is suited for constant, inline headspace analysis, and can be configured to measure the percent levels of oxygen required to ensure safety in chemical processes and storage. It is housed in a wall mountable NEMA 4X/IP66 enclosure, so it can be hosed down while cleaning tanks with no danger to the electronics. The OMD-480 provides the same precision electrochemical sensing technology in a rugged, portable package suitable for spot-checking the headspace of tanks if constant analysis is not necessary.