Southland Sensing Ltd.— offers an extensive line of quality engineered precision electrochemical fuel cell oxygen sensors. These sensors are offered in a wide range of configurations with analysis ranges from 1 PPM up to 100% oxygen.

Backed with excellent customer service and an industry proven product design, our sensors are found in a number of applications throughout the world including air separation plants, chemical & petrochemical processes, steel production, diving and many others. Check our website for more information

For pricing and availability, please contact your customer service representative.

Analytical Industries® Replacement Guide:


All Model

  • PSR-11-21(3)
  • GPR-11-120
  • PSR-11-23(3)
  • GPR-11-32
  • GPR-11-60
  • XLT-11-15
  • XLT-11-24
  • PSR-12-223
  • GPR-12-333
  • XLT-12-123
  • XLT-12-333

Southland Equivalent

  • PO2-1x
  • PO2-1120
  • PO2-13
  • PO2-132
  • PO2-160
  • PO2-2x
  • PO2-24
  • TO2-1x
  • TO2-133
  • TO2-2x
  • TO2-233

If you don’t see your part number, send your sales representative an email and ask them if we offer a drop-in replacement.