Southland Sensing Ltd. produces and packages a wide range of online analyzers, transmitters and portable meters for trace, percent and purity oxygen analysis. SSO2 analyzers are outfitted with a comprehensive electronics package including color displays, USB flash drives and other advanced features.

Most analyzers and sensors are in stock for fast shipment. For pricing and availability, and special configurations please contact your customer service representative.


Panel Mount Oxygen Analyzer with Remote Sensor Housing

The OMD-190 series oxygen analyzer is a  panel mount unit with remote sensor housing. Designed for general purpose type installations such as Inert Glovebox systems and O2 / N2 generators.  Panel mount cutout is designed to replace the GPR-1900, GPR-2900, 3190, 3290

1 – 5VDC Range ID Panel Mount Design Remote Sensor Housing

Portable Percent Handheld Oxygen Analyzer

The OMD-21 portable handheld oxygen analyzer with alarms is designed with the customer in mind, to provide an easy and convenient way to accurately verify percent level oxygen analysis.  This low-maintenance inexpensive oxygen analyzer has been designed to spot check oxygen levels in industrial, welding and diving applications.

AAA Battery Powered Configurable High / Low Alarms